Ad results can differ depending on the desired goal of each client and the overall strategy implemented. There are many variables that determine the results of each ad campaign.

Although results cannot be guaranteed, I work hard to get the best results possible for my clients.

Here are a few examples of recent successful campaigns for various clients with a variety of strategies.

Desired Outcome - Grow an E-mail List Using Four Free Offers

My clients wanted to grow their email list before launching their membership, and we ran ads to their four different free offers. The Cost per Result (or Cost per Email Address) averaged well-below industry standards of $2 each. By the end of this campaign, they grew their list by over 5,000 new emails.

Desired Outcome - Grow an E-mail List Using One Free Offer

This client grew his email list by almost 3,000 emails with an ad to a free opt-in for a cost of only $0.66 per email address!

Desired Outcome - Membership Launch and Webinar Registrations

This client had a successful launch of their membership, and it was their first time launching using live webinars. As you can see, 1,331 people from cold traffic registered for their webinars from the ads for an average of $0.99 each. (Industry average for webinar registrations can range anywhere from $2 – $24 each.) They ended up getting a 3x Return on Ad Spend (or ROAS)!

Desired Outcome - Increase Traffic to Website on a Minimum Budget

For this client, I ran a video ad to increase traffic to their landing page. She had a minimum daily budget of $10, had 4,000+ landing page views for only $0.15 each, and the Link Click-Through Rate remained exceptionally high at 3.34% with a reach of >100,000 people.