Christian Virtual Assistant Delightful in the Details Jenn Martin
Christian Virtual Assistant at Delightful in the Details Jenn Martin

Ready to Maximize the Next Launch of Your Course, Membership, or Program?

I’ll take your business to the next level with

Facebook and Instagram Ads

“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.”

Chuck Swindoll

Are You Ready?

It’s an exciting time!

You’ve taken the dream and gifts God has given in you, you’ve done the work, and you’re already seeing results.

You’re consistently selling your irresistible offer, and you’re bringing in people who YOU KNOW are a good fit!

Your clients are raving fans, and you have incredible testimonials.

You’re not just STARTING to find the right people, you’re ready to get MORE of the right people so you can grow and scale your business. #goalcrushed

NOW you’re ready to invest in your marketing efforts so you can 5x the number of people you’re bringing into your sales funnel.

Or a lot more, because really…who wants to stop at JUST 5x!?

I can help you reach more of your ideal clients and make an even BIGGER impact in the world with Facebook and Instagram ads.

Hi, I’m Jenn

I’m Jenn Martin, and I specialize in helping Christian entrepreneurs grow their course, membership, coaching program, or digital product or service through Facebook and Instagram advertising.

I’m a wife, a mom of 3 boys, and a follower of Jesus. I believe working together should be a delightful experience – one that makes you feel understood and supported through every step and with every detail.

Once you have a proven offer that’s converting, the next step is to get that offer in front of more people! That’s what I specialize in.

I’ll find your ideal clients and get more traffic into your funnel, helping you go from “How…” to “WOW!”

I am committed to getting you the maximum results possible and will treat your business as if it’s my own.

If you’re ready to up-level your business and looking for a Facebook Ads Manager who will accelerate the growth of your business, I just might be the right one for you.

Let’s make that dream a reality!

Christian Virtual Assistant at Delightful in the Details Jenn Martin Minimize to Maximize

Minimize to Maximize

Minimize the headaches of running your own advertising to Maximize doing what you love most.

Minimize wasting advertising dollars with ineffective ads to Maximize the peace of mind knowing a professional is handling it all for you.

Minimize the questioning if Facebook advertising is right for you to Maximize the proven results it can get for the growth of your business.

Minimize your business running you to Maximize you running your business.

Minimize the “do-it-all-myself” mindset to Maximize your confidence of having a supportive and encouraging Ad Manager who truly cares about your business.

Are you ready to Maximize the growth of your course, membership, or digital product/service?

Delightful Notes

Christian Virtual Assistant Delightful in the Details Jenn Martin

I cannot recommend Jenn enough! I consider myself the Jane of all trades, so relinquishing a piece of my business was very hard. I have an extremely tiny niche in Baton Twirling. Jenn took on this challenge, and not only did she do these ads better than I could have imagined, I have already made back my investment.

I believe it is because of her amazing communication and organizational skills – she made sure I was kept in the loop for every penny that came out of my account for ads.

Her ads helped me get 600 people to join my Facebook group within FOUR DAYS!

She really gets to know me and why my niche is so important to me. If you are lucky enough to cross paths with Jenn, and she has an opening for you, JUMP on that opportunity! I am so glad I found her!

Sara Rudin
Baton Twirling 101
Christian Virtual Assistant Delightful in the Details Jenn Martin

If you’re thinking about hiring a Facebook Ad Strategist, get Jenn to help you out because she knows her stuff. She will dive in and analyze everything you have in your business.

And when it comes to understanding what kind of ads are right for you, she’s the right decision to make. Just take the stress out and let her take care of it. She knows her stuff, and I couldn’t be happier.

I can’t wait to get a chance to have her work on some more of my ads in my next launch.

Brian Singh
Digital Volleyball Academy
Christian Virtual Assistant Delightful in the Details Jenn Martin

Jenn helped me navigate the very confusing world of Facebook and Instagram ads. It was so nice, with everything I am doing to launch my business, to have this important area taken care of by someone who truly cared about my results.

Jenn was really resilient as we worked through some Facebook policy issues with my content. She was very consistent with her follow-through and was such a great partner in helping me figure out this new world of Facebook ads.

Jenn is incredibly patient, kind, and has a very calming way about her—a much-needed contrast to my stress as a new entrepreneur! The ads were profitable from our very first few weeks working together!

Mallory Dittmer
Coach and Brand Strategist
Christian Virtual Assistant Delightful in the Details Jenn Martin

Jenn helped me make sense of the crazy world of Facebook ads! She took what I wanted and ran with it.
She communicated so frequently! I appreciated the updates and encouragement!
She helped make a really overwhelming topic more easily understandable, and I got new opt-ins to my email list!

Katelyn Watson
Founder of 17Twelve
Christian Virtual Assistant Delightful in the Details Jenn Martin

Jenn is an amazing organizer and planner! She loves details, loves organization, and loves life! She keeps me focused each day on what’s important, and then takes care of everything she says she will do. I am so much more productive by working with her each day as my assistant!

Rarely do you see someone who delights in playing a supportive role for a leader—someone who sees her strength as the one to make someone else their best. Jenn is one of those rare people! She loves to help make me my best every day by keeping me organized and focused, and she does it all with a positive, uplifting spirit!

Don Manning
Crazy Cool Family
Christian Virtual Assistant Delightful in the Details Jenn Martin

I cannot say enough amazing things about working with Jenn! Over the past six years, she has supported me with anything from new business endeavors to simple daily tasks. Nothing is too big or too small for Jenn, and her attention to detail is like no other!  She always exceeds my expectations by going above and beyond my requests and takes care of issues that I never even thought about!

Working each day with a smile on her face and positivity to boot, she genuinely loves what she does and is the best! If you are looking for someone to help propel your business, keep you organized, or simply allow you to stay sane in the crazy business world, then Jenn Martin is your girl!!!

Angie Munday
Guru Academic Advising
Christian Virtual Assistant Delightful in the Details Jenn Martin

I absolutely love working with Jenn! She is reliable, proactive, always ahead of my thoughts, and a great communicator. She is the best thing that has happened to me and my business. I can now focus on activities where I’m most gifted, and Jenn can help my productivity by working on the tasks she’s most talented. It’s a great partnership, and my business would not be where it is today without her!

Toni Holly
Life Coach